Sports Athlete Management

Zeal Sports manage some of the leading elite and aspiring professional sports athletes across a wide array of sports. With practising and competing taking up the vast majority of an elite athlete’s time we allow them to focus on what is ultimately going to guide their sporting future by taking control of their personal and commercial affairs.

While they are building their career on the field of play we are using of network of professionals across a number of industries to manage and advise them across such aspects as:

  • Contractual Negotiations
  • Sponsorships
  • Individual Brand Image
  • Travel Planning and Arrangements
  • Tax and Financial Planning
  • Banking & Property
  • Personal & Lifestyle

We build a close relationship with all of our clients enabling them to trust our sports management advice, leading them to prosper in all aspects of their career.

We also partner numerous Sporting clients that have retired from their respective Sports but still have aspirations of working in the public arena through a number of different avenues.